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Twelve appointments: spontaneous talk game

Each student makes a drawing of a face of a clock in his/her exercise-book. After that all students leave their seats and appoint twelve meetings with different people. They write the names of these people on the clock face.

Then the teacher announces the time (“It’s seven o’clock!”) and the topic of the conversation (“You are to have a talk about music”) and gives the starting signal. The participants have two minutes which they can use in two different ways: a two-minutes dialogue or two one-minute monologues.

After two minutes the teacher announces another time and another conversation topic.


  1. Plans for tonight
  2. Plans for the weekend
  3. Plans for the nearest holiday
  4. Your best friend
  5. TV programmes you like watching
  6. The last film you’ve seen
  7. Music in your life
  8. How you celebrated the New Year
  9. Your favourite food
  10. Your favourite animal
  1. Your favourite colour
  2. Your favourite place at school
  3. Your favourite place in the world (where you would like to go)
  4. Sports in your life
  5. Your pet
  6. Your family
  7. Your school results
  8. What you did yesterday

After the game the teacher should organize a reflection chat.

  • Who manages to talk continuously?
  • Did you have any problems? What kind of? How did you overcome the difficulties you met?
  • What lessons did you get today?