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Dou you believe that?

It can be either an individual competition or a team game.

The teacher reads a statement. He who considers it true stands up; if a student thinks it is false, he is seated. Talks are forbidden. The teacher announces the correct answer and scores the game.

  1. А giraffe has a blue tongue? (yes)
  2. A lion has dinner once in two or three days (yes).
  3. Bananas grow on palms (no. Banana is a grass)
  4. There exist houses built of paper (yes. The Japanese make their houses of paper).
  5. A grasshopper has ears on his legs (yes)
  6. Every eight days a shark grows new teeth (yes)
  7. Blue roses grow in China (no. They do not exist at all)
  8. Elephants live 150 years (no, only eighty)
  9. Some butterflies are vampires – they eat blood of animals (yes)
  10. All butterflies live one day (no)
  11. English language is the most wide-spread in the world (no, Chinese)
  12. There exist eatable stones (yes, it is salt)
  13. If you throw a diamond into fire, it will be burnt (yes).
  14. If you throw a diamond on the floor, it may be broken (yes)
  15. Spiders can not fly (no. They fly on their tenet).
  16. Snakes can sleep for three years (yes)
  17. A famous actress Merylin Monro has 6 toes on each foot (yes)
  18. A Russian Tsaritsa Elizabeth the First was afraid of roses (yes)
  19. During all her life a woman uses about 1,5 kg of lipstick (yes)
  20. Strawberries are sweeter than lemons (no, lemons contain more sugar)
  21. There are more fat people in the USA than in any other country in the world (no, in Greece – 33% of the population).
  22. In Great Britain a person, who leaves his chewing gum on the seat of the bus, can be arrested (yes)
  23. A chocolate chewing gum is the tastiest and most expensive (no, it does not exist alt all).
  24. Egypt pyramids had waterclosets for the dead pharaoh (yes)
  25. Roman soldiers wore leather skirts (yes)
  1. Skyscrapers were invented by the ancient Romans (yes)
  2. Some mushrooms can grow through asphalt (yes)
  3. The biggest butterfly in the world is as large as 1 metre (no, only 28 cm)
  4. If you have cut your finger you should pour cold water on it until blood stops (no, you should bandage it)
  5. Owls cannot hunt at day-time (no. In winter when mice are hidden under snow owls eat birds and they fly at day-time)
  6. Chewing gum was invented in the 20-th century (no, in the 19th).
  7. The official instruction how to make tea issued by the British Standardization Institute takes 6 pages (yes)
  8. Chewing gum helps pupils study better (yes, those who chew memorize the material better)
  9. In a circus in Corea two crocodiles were taught to dance (no, crocodiles are too silly for it)
  10. In Connecticut it is officially allowed to teach dogs at school (no, there is a law prohibiting it)
  11. When a mouse grows up it becomes a rat (no)
  12. In Illinois women must not wear trousers (yes)
  13. In Washington it is forbidden to wake a sleeping fireman (yes)
  14. Penguins fly to the north in winter (no)
  15. In the morning people are taller than in the evening (yes)
  16. There are 260 bones in the adult human body and 300 in children. As children grow some of the bones fuse together (yes)
  17. The ears of a cricket (сверчок) are located on the front legs just below the knees (yes)
  18. Starfish don’t have brains (yes)
  19. Shrimp’s hearts are in their legs (no, in their heads)
  20. An ostrich’s eye is bigger that its brain (yes)
  21. Tigers have striped skin, not just striped fur (yes)