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Spontaneous talk: aliens' visit

At the end of the term, when students are a bit tired of learning, you can offer them a kind of improvisation show. Seven students take part in three episodes. Each of them gets a card with his role and he/she has to produce unprepared speech. Sense of humour will be a very good instrument in this case.

Episode 1

STUDENT 1. You are an 11-form pupil. You like sleeping very much and you are always late for school. Today you have overslept again. Tell the teacher that you have just seen a UFO near your house. Describe the aliens and your talk with them.

STUDENT 2. You are a teacher. In your 11th form there is a student called Petrov. He is always late for the lessons. You begin the lesson, the door opens and Petrov comes in.

Episode 2

STUDENT 3. You are a scientist. You had been studying UFOs all your life. Your dream was to meet an alien. Finally you stopped believing in it. One day you meet a student named Ivanov. He tells you that he has just seen a UFO near his house and spoken to an alien.

STUDENT 4. You are a student. Your surname is Ivanov. One day you come out of your house and see a UFO on the ground. You see an alien coming out of it. He asks you to go with them to the Mars. You are frightened to death. You run away and meet a scientist. Tell him what has happened to you.

Episode 3

STUDENT 5 (female). You have a husband. It is 9 o’clock in the morning. Your husband went to the shop an hour ago. You don’t know what has happened to him and you worry very much. You want to find him and go out of the house. You meet some aliens. They invite you to visit their planet. You are frightened and you don’t agree. You want to stay on your home planet.

STUDENTS 6 AND 7. You are aliens. You have come from Mars. Your mission is to bring two humans to your planet. You have already found a man and are looking for a woman. You see a young beautiful lady and invite her to visit your planet.